Blackjack Videos

How to play video

How to play Blackjack - 21

Length: 4:11 minutes

An animated video, explaining all the basic moves and hands in Blackjack. Very detailed and clear

Cards Counting Videos

introduction to card counting video

An Intro To Card Counting At Blackjack

Length: 9:13 minutes

A very detailed and clear explanation and demonstration of card counting technique.

21 movie tutorial video

21 The Movie's Blackjack Card Counting Tutorial

Length: 5:22 minutes

Can it get any cooler? Learn how to count cards from the cast of hit movie 21.

About Our Videos Section

Learning and mastering the exciting game of Blackjack has never been so easy. We have brought you the best videos online to help you with your learning experience.

We recommend that you integrate the videos in your learning process. Looking at them will make the whole concept of Blackjack, its rules, its basic strategy and even cards counting much more vivid in your mind.

We selected these videos over hundreds, as they have a great picture and sound quality and have the most professional view on the subject.

Pay special attention to the video where 21 cast, yes that very one, teaches us all they know about counting cards. Awesome.

So what are you waiting for? Start watching!