For the Advanced Player

Unlike some of the other casino games, Blackjack is not all about chance. Of course winning at Blackjack requires a hand full of luck, but the way you play your cards, definitely has an impact on your odds for winning. That's why following the Basic Strategy Chart is so important.

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But developing Blackjack skills is more than just following the Strategy Chart. First, the skilled player must be well aware of the different variations of the game, whether it's the more common European Variation, Las Vegas Variation or Atlantic City Variation, or the less common. The advanced players should know them, and be aware of their impact on the House Edge.

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Advanced players are also aware of Advanced Systems, their basic guidelines, advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the systems helps players choose the way they manage their game from the financial aspect. Even when a player chooses not to follow the systems, he should be familiarized with them, as a way to improve his money management.

Familiarize yourself with Advanced Strategies/Systems.

And of course, some of the more sophisticated players know the secrets to counting cards, the most intriguing part of the game of 21. Knowing how to count cards will defiantly not buy you popularity at the casinos, but will allow you to increase your chances to win dramatically. To learn the basics of card counting is not that difficult, mastering it requires a lot of training.

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