Blackjack Advanced Strategies/Systems

Blackjack advanced strategies/systems are actually Money management techniques. The systems offer a betting structure that is supposed to increase the winning odds, by implementing various mathematical concepts, with different levels of complication.

Most of the systems are either positive progressive, meaning that when you win you increase your bet and when you lose you decrease it; or negative progressive, meaning that whenever you lose you increase your bet and vise versa.

Although the systems vary in popularity and level of risk, they all share one common denominator: they don't really guarantee that you win. So they may be fun to play with, but when implementing them you must bare in mind that they don't guarantee a thing.

Here are some of the more popular systems:

The Paroly System

The Paroly System is a positive progressive system, aimed at taking advantage of winning sequences. The system basically says that every time you win, you should double your bet. So that if you bet $5 and win, your next bet should be $10, the next one $20, then $40, $80 and so on. If you lose you then go back to your original bet.

This is supposed to inflate your overall win and cover any losses you accumulate during the game. As you increase your bet only when you win the system is considered to be less risky than other systems.

The system is the mirror of another famous system - the negative progressive Martingale System, and is often referred to as an Anti-Martingale system.

As most Blackjack tables impose a betting limit, you have to plan your strategy accordingly, so it is not halted too soon by table limit. You should also set a limit to the progression of the betting amount, so that you don't reach too high an amount. When you reach the limit you should then go back to the original bet and start the progression all over again.

The parlay System

The Parlay, or the Let it Ride System is another positive progressive system, and it is quite similar to the Paroly System.

The difference between the two systems is that while in Paroly you double your bet after every winning hand, in Parlay you increase your bet after every winning hand with your hand's winning amount.

So, if you bet $10, get a Blackjack and win an additional $15, your next bet will be as follows:

According to the Paroly System your bet will double from $10 to $20.

According to the Parlay System you will add your winning amount of $15 to the original bet of $10 and bet a total of $25.

The Martingale System

The Martingale is a negative progressive system. It is the mirror of the Paroly System. According to the Martingale System when ever you lose a hand you double your betting amount. So if you bet $5 and lose, you will bet $10 on your next hand, then $20, $40, $80 and so on. If you win a hand you go back to the original betting amount.

The Martingale System is based on the concept that you will eventually win. If you double your bet every time you lose and eventually win, you will then win back all your loses and double your original bet.

The problem with this concept is that you might be forced to halt the progression of your betting before you win back your losses. Either because most casinos impose a limit on betting amounts, or just because you have finished your money. That is why the system is considered dangerous and unattractive.

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