Basic Blackjack Facts

Blackjack, or Twenty One is by far the most popular table game in casinos today. Why is it so popular? It seems that its main attraction and appeal lie in the exciting mixture of strategy and luck, required for winning the game. To really increase your chances of winning, you need to have a deep understanding of the hand structure, strategic moves and odds.

Interestingly enough, another reason for the game’s popularity is card counting. The notion of highly skilled, genius like people, using their advanced analytical skills for ensuring their chances of winnig huge amounts of money, while avoiding casino watchdogs has been the subject of numerous Hollywood films, thus arousing audience and players imagination and adding to the appeal of Blackjack.

Where and when did Blackjack commence is not completely clear. It has first appeared in French and Spanish literature published in the 17th century. Further evidence indicate that it has then expanded to other European countries. But the push towards Blackjack current popularity occurred only later, when it has arrived in the American Casinos.

Blackjack varies according to geography and casino identity, as each casino sets his own house rules for the game. When choosing a casino and the table to play Blackjack it is very important that you fully understand its variation, since it will have a tremendous effect on the casino edge, and in turn your odds for winning.

You can now proceed to learn the rules of the game...