Blackjack Books

The Big Book of Blackjack

"The Big Book of Blackjack"

Author: Arnold Snyder

Price on Amazone: $12.21

Famous professional gambler and author Arnold Snyder depicts the basic rules of the game but also shares with his readers advanced strategies and some of the most kept secrets in the world of Blackjack.

Professional Blackjack

"Professional Blackjack"

Author: Stanford Wong

Price on Amazone: $13.57

This is Stanford Wong's first Blackjack book. It was first published in 1974 and is still selling today. A great book for learning card counting but also for basic strategy analysis.

Beat the Dealer

"Beat the Dealer"

Author: Edward O. Thorp

Price on Amazone: $9.36

The first book to prove that card counting can reverse the House Advantage in Blackjack. This great book, written by Blackjack expert and mathematician Edward O. Thorp, will give you all you need to know about counting cards in Blackjack in an easy to read, fascinating way.

Blackjack Bluebook II

"Blackjack Bluebook II"

Author: Fred Renzey

Price on Amazone: $11.22

legitimate, winning strategies for the Blackjack table. From the basic strategy to various card counting teqniques that will help you gain important advantages in the casino. Fred Renzey puts it all on paper in a vivid, colorful, easy to read and understand way.

About Our Books Section

With so much text to read online you probably ask yourself if there is any added value to Blackjack books. And it is true, the richness of online material can be more than enough to get you started, or even advance in this exciting game of cards.

But as in any other subject there is no replacement to the printed word. Reading books will help you get that extra touch that might be missing from your online experience.

That is why we gathered a list of great books, dealing with the game of Blackjack. All the books in our list have been written by top of the line authors, all professional players, who have played the game for years and mastered it.

Most books will normally start with some information about the game, then proceed to the more advanced material, including advanced strategies, card counting techniques and some expert tips, all based on years of experience at the Blackjack table. The books are all written in a captive, fascinating, easy to read styles.

So if you are really series about this game, you should definitely try the books in our list. Enjoy!