Blackjack Tips - the 5 Always and Nevers

This article gives us a few tips, advices. Some of the things you must always do when at the Blackjack table, and the things you must NEVER do, when you are there. You can definately live without them, but knowing them will make your life easier and odds for winning higher.


Predetermine your bankroll
This way you will not lose money you don't have.

Follow the Basic Strategy
Although it will not guarantee that you win, it will definitely increase your odds for winning.

Tip the dealer
In a land based casino. Trust me, you'd want to make your dealer happy.

Use the split and Double Down options
Used wisely they will increase your odds for winning in the game.

Split if you have Aces or 8s
You will be replacing a bad hand (12 or 16) with the chance to win a Blackjack (Aces) or another great hand (8s).


Start playing for real money before you have learnt the game
At minimum learn the basic rules, terminology and strategy.

Exceed your predetermined bankroll
This way you will not lose money you did not plan on spending.

Bet on more than 5% of your bankroll in a single hand
You might find yourself out of cash too fast.

Take insurance, unless you are counting cards
Odds for wining insurance are not attractive.

Split if you have 10s or face cards
20 is a great hand to play, why would you want to waste it?

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