How to Play Blackjack

This animated video is perfect for beginners. It presents the game, its basic rules and the way the game is played in the most simple, easy to understand way. If you have never played this game of cards before, then watching this video will give you a good starting point.

It starts from the basics of the game, like, who you play against, the objective of the game etc. Then it proceeds to articulate the order of the hands in the game, players' choices in the game, predetermined rules for the dealer, how the hand is completed and more.

It also stipulates the basic terms of the game. those terms that you simply cannot play without: Bust, Insurance, Blackjack, Hit, Stand, Face Cards, Split, Double Down etc.

Another great thing about the video is that it is accompanied by subtitles. It's really useful if you don't understand something and want to follow it in a more exact way.

What it doesn't have is a more advanced material about the game. It has no information about the Basic Strategy charts, no real discussion about games variation or advanced strategies.

So this video is great if you are really just taking your first steps in the world of Blackjack. If you are already a seasoned Blackjack player you should consider skipping this video and going straight to our more advanced ones.